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6 min readJul 20, 2022

How to Farm your PURR!

Greetings, Young Apprentice! You seek yield? Well, look no further!

To get farming, we will need:

+ 10 minutes of invaluable time

+ X PURR and X EVER to send to the farming

+ 25 EVER for TX and trade fees

Step 1

Proceed to your favourite applications store and download the EVER Wallet browser extension.

Step 2

After installation, create a wallet or log in to an existing one, and do not put your password away yet! We will need it more than once today!

Step 3

You are successfully logged in, and now, we need to add PURR and WEVER to the coin list in our wallet. Let’s click the “select assets” button, and from the list of tokens, choose WEVER and PURR. Click on the “SAVE” button.

Step 4.

Hurrah! Your soil is fertile and your wallet is now ready to be put to good work! Now we need to issue WRAPPED EVER = WEVER.

Go to the official platform from the Everscale ecosystem

and click on Connect EVER Wallet. (Yes, yes, the same wallet that we installed in step 1!)

In the drop down menu select Standart Wallet and click Next.

The wallet calculates the transaction, which is only ˜ 0.06 EVER. Press Deploy.

Congratulations, our wallet is officially added to the Everscale network. Now it’s time to release WEVER.

Step 6.

In the field enter the desired amount of EVER that we want to farm to the PURR/WEVER pair.


If you want to send the sum of money in PURR, which is equivalent to $100 in Farming, you will have to put WEVER to PURR pair. So this is where you calculate how much you want to send to the farming and release the roughly equivalent amount of WEVER.

Remember that commissions in the Everscale network are paid in EVER, so leave 25 EVER for all other transactions.

Step 5.

After clicking on the CONNECT EVER WALLET button, the EVER Wallet will open.

And in the wallet we see the DEPLOY button, press it to confirm our application.

You should have a table with the signing of the transaction. It appeared first, but not the last time in this guide is the signing of the transaction. Press SEND, enter the password.

P.S if after entering the password, it asks again to enter a password, do not worry, just refresh the page and see your wallet, whether you were credited WEVER.

And successfully receive WEVER to your wallet.

Step 7.

Let’s go to Farming!

At this point we already have WEVER, PURR and a little bit of EVER for transactions.

Go to in the Farming section and choose PURR/WEVER on the second page, or just follow the link — ->

And here we also need to connect the EVER Wallet. Click on Connect in the right corner of the screen.

Step 8.

The wallet is successfully connected. Now we need to issue LP tokens.

We click on this page Get LP Tokens.

Step 9.

We get to the page of getting LP tokens.

Here everything is simple. On this page, first of all you need to click on the button Connect account.

Step 9.

This takes us to the LP tokens page.

Here everything is simple. On this page, you first need to click on the Connect account button.

And we see our usual window for signing a transaction. Click on Send as usual, enter your password, a small commission is paid automatically.

You are thrown to the next step — CONNECT POOL and you see this window:

Congratulations, you have successfully joined your account, now it’s time to send our PURR/WEVER and join the pool.

Step 10.

Then enter in the second graph WEVER the desired number of tokens we want to send to Farming and the number of PURR tokens will be calculated automatically.

Step 11.

And now it’s time to join the pool.

Click Connect pool.

And then we already know what we have to do. Sign the transaction — press the button SEND, enter the password and done! The window will close and POOL CONNECTION will be loaded. Loading may take up to 2 minutes. Just wait.

Step 12.

Next we need to add PURR and WEVER to the pool.

We press the DEPOSIT PURR button and again sign the transaction and enter the password.

PURR Have been successfully entered into the pool.

Now we do the same with WEVER.

And hooray! Pools are added. It remains just a little bit, we confirm all our actions and click on SUPPLY.

And congratulations, after these steps you see the notice, that you successfully issued LP tokens!

Step 13.

Go back to the farming page with PURR/WEVER, or just click on

Step 14.

Click the MAX button next to the Deposit button and then click on Deposit

Also, sign the transaction, enter the password and wait for the deposit to load.

And we have the usual system, sign the transaction, enter the password and done.

It may take up to several minutes, but. Once confirmed,. We are done!





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