Just another Memecoin!? NO! This is SpartaCats!

2 min readFeb 22, 2022


Pre-purr for glory, SpartaCats! The Memecoin wars approach, and before they are over, we shall prove that even a Doge King can bleed!

For millennia, multitudes of maligned memecoin canines have corrupted our charts, and we have sat idly by, keeping our claws clean. But there is only so much a kitten can take, until we must arch out our backs, and stand tall as a tiger!

Tired of the toothless mutts?

Enraged by the endless dog clones?

Well ready your furballs and hiss hardy, for tonight, we trade in hell!

There is no place for the meek in the Legion of the 300 Foundation! Only those with the heart of a hellcat can survive here!

This is about more than joining an NFT holders club.

The SpartaCats 300 must proudly hold high the torch of King Meowidus, for in each of us, his spirit must reside. We shall resolve to airdrop more coins to those in need than ever before! We shall democratically decentralize the keys of the DeFi-ant kingdom and develop our deflationary treasure chest by connecting the farms of all blockchain kingdoms. And, most importantly, WE SHALL MEME!

Come back with your tails, or on them!

SpartaCats token launches with fair distribution on Binance Smart chain at 22:02 on the 22/02/2022.

Website — https://spartacats.com/
Discord — https://discord.gg/2HWp2BNnCk
Twitter — https://twitter.com/CatsSparta
Reddit — https://www.reddit.com/r/catssparta/
Medium — https://catssparta.medium.com/




SpartaCats is a memecoin based on confrontation between cats and dog-related memecoins