SpartaCats Goes Live to Unite the NFT and Meme Coin Communities into One Smart Ecosystem

5 min readJul 5, 2022


SpartaCats brings a new era to meme coin mentalists worldwide: the era of cats!

For too long now, dogs have occupied the meme coin market, and it is high-time a cute, carnivorous cat came to correct this craziness!

In case you have been living in a kennel, SpartaCats is a meme coin project which will, ONCE AND FOR ALL, conclude the power-struggle between the superior cats coins, and those mangey meme mutt tokens.

King Meowidus cannot tame these untrained ball chasers without your help though, Young SpartaCat Apprentice! And so, in all his humble wisdom, King Meowidus proudly announces the spectacular launch of his first royal first Bounty program!

And what a time to proclaim this great news, your highness! It coincides with purr-fect feline class and elegance, with the imminent listing of Spartan gold, PURR, upon the prestigious DEXES of Pancake and FlatQube!

You need more details, apprentice?

Well, the Bounty program starts on May 30, and on June 4, PURR will list on the two fastest, fairest, and most feline exchanges in blockchain: PancakeSwap and FlatQube. The royal liquidity pools shall overflow on this most special of days (June 4th, do we need to tell you again young one!?) and if your greedy little paws need more crean to lust for, the King has great plans for subsequent farming programs on BNB Chain and Everscale.

Are you new to crypto? This section is for you then little fresh fur. A meme coin is a type of cryptocurrency, whose origin is usually associated with some popular memes, but with no less versatility, utility, or value than their supposedly more serious compatriots. For example, the most famous meme coin, Dogecoin (Hiss!) was launched as a joke cryptocurrency in opposition to Bitcoin. And for most intensive short term purposes, fulfills the same functions as Bitcoin. While many other large coins set themselves epochal goals, such as overthrowing the hegemony of banks, decentralizing money, etc, generally Memecoins are less rigid in their ambitions. For the most part, they are not used for joining any DAO, staking, and any usage with a particular ecosystem is a result of community action.

With the addition of PURR to the Meme coin markets though, this changes!

Solving the Problem of the Meme Coin Market

Maybe this is a little harsh (but don’t tell King Meowidus we said this!), however, the previous 12 months or so of the Dogecoin chart volatility can be directly correlated to the tweets of this most unrepentant of troll-kings.

Is this a bad thing for all? Maybe not. But King Meowidus offers an alternative!

By decree of the Royal readings, PURR tokens will have more than a whisker’s worth of features to entice the loyal and respected SpartaCats to treasure and utilize. With the King’s kindness and blessings, you, YES, YOU! YOUNG SPARTACAT APPRENTICE, can create clans and communities, participate in championships and competitions, thus creating an effective economic hierarchy in the meme coin market.

You still want more from our infinitely generous King? Okay, well, every surplus penny of PURR which is not put to work in the name of bettering the kingdom, shall see the King’s charitable soft side at work, as he commits to supporting and donating to real world cat charities across the human globe.

SpartaCats NFT and DAO Foundation

As part of the project, 300 NFTs will be issued and sold to the public to ensure the practical management of the SpartaCats DAO Foundation. Of these, only 20 will be distributed among the core team: these are 20 members of the core team, each receiving 1 NFT. 10 NFTs will go to key partners and influencers who will support the project. The remaining 270 will be distributed over 4 years at regular intervals. Those who bought NFT at the auction become full members of the DAO Foundation with the right to make decisions on the project`s development.

PURR Tokenomics

Total Supply:

The DAO Foundation manages 15% of all PURR tokens. Of these, only 2% will be unlocked immediately for the Core Team, while the remaining 13% will be unlocked in parallel with the release of the NFTs. With each new NFT sold at auction, an amount will be unlocked at the DAO Foundation`s disposal.

Dividend program: 5% (0.0185% every week to all NFT holders)

Seed round: 10% to be vested linearly over 12 months

Launchpad: all the funds collected will be directed to the liquidity pool

Liquidity Pool: 10% (LP tokens will be sent to the genesis block (zero-address)

Airdrop: 10%

Farming BNB Chain: 20%

Farming EVER: 20%

SpartaCats Bounty Program

SpartaCats are hissing with excitement to announce our royal Bounty Program, but are you excited?! You should be! This is your chance to become a piece of crypto Hiss-tory! And you can take your fair share of the cream, should you have the claws for it! Complete tasks, gain exclusive early access to the game by helping to beta test, referring and recruiting fellow felines (up to 10%!), and, most importantly, claim your birthright’s worth of prestigious SPartaCat NFTs and PURR!

PURR’s Listing on the DEXs

So, your first test, young SpartaCat. What is the most important upcoming date in Memecoin history which should be marked on your calendar?

Correct, June 4th!

And the exchanges upon which you will be lucky enough to trade your PURR?

Very good! Pancake and FlatQube.

Remember, the early bird may get the worm, but the true SpartaCat gets the Glory of the King!

The journey may be perilous, but King Meowidus has no use for scaredy cats! Cat centric meme coins currently occupy less than 1% of the meme coin market! Madness!

Get off your belly, lick yourself clean, and get to work, young apprentice! A SpartaCat does not need to be told it has begun, to begin!

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SpartaCats is a memecoin based on confrontation between cats and dog-related memecoins