SpartaCats — Purr-fect on Pancake or FlatQube

3 min readAug 4, 2022

Greetings, young SpartaCat apprentice!

If you seek safehold and good times in the Citadels of Sparta, then PURR you must possess. To do so, King Meowidus declares there are 2 possible routes for you to take, neither of which is fraught with peril or fear!

Simply put, to purchase and keep safe PURR tokens using Pancake swap is as easy as it gets!

You will need:

Your own Metamask wallet (configured to the Binance Smart chain settings)

Some BNB for purchasing PURR, and a little extra for blockchain fees.

About 10–15 minutes depending on your level of experience.

Let’s get to it then, young apprentice! (If you already have a Metamask wallet with access to the Binance smart chain you can skip to stage 3).

  1. Firstly, if you haven’t done so already, download and install the MetaMask Browser Wallet extension for your favourite browser. Ensure you safely store your seed phrase, as this is your only way to access your account if you lose/break your device down the road!

2. All set up? Great. Next we need to configure your MetaMask to access Binance Smart Chain. To do this is a doddle really just open the settings menu, and click the additional networks option. Then, carefully input these details below into the appropriate fields.

3. Finished with that part already? You are a clever young cat! Next, we’ll need to load our BNB onto our wallet. Simply click receive, and copy and paste the wallet address to wherever you are obtaining your BNB (Binance, for example). As this is a new wallet, it’s always prudent to perform a text translation first (Ie, Just send a very small amount of BNB to the wallet, and then back again).

4. Fantastic. Now we have our BNB, head to pancakeswap and click ‘Connect wallet’ on the top right hand corner of the screen. Floor the instructions as they appear.

5. Now, head to the trade section, and input the desired amount of BNB you wish to convert to PURR into the first field, and the number of tokens you shall receive will automatically generate* (always make sure to check your slippage!).

6. Happy? Well click the buttons and follow the charming rabbits instructions. The transaction should take no more than a few moments, and you can then view the transaction on-chain if you so wish.

Hurrah! We are done, and You, young SpartaCat Apprentice, are the proud owner of your first PURR! Are you Pre-purred for glory yet though!? We shall see!




SpartaCats is a memecoin based on confrontation between cats and dog-related memecoins